Our Story

I have been close with music since little boy as probably many of those who work today in music industry. I have started playing guitar in the early 90’s. I will never forget when my older sister’s boyfriend came with shiny electric guitar on his arm and allowed me to hold it for a while (after couple months the 6 strings beauty was mine).Getting more addicted to playing I found even more fun to create. Over years including college and university I was composing, playing , joining different bands and also creating new music projects.Going deeper I needed new sounds. All the time testing and experimenting with different effects and guitar’s gear. In 2008 luckily I’ve got a job position as a product manager at the (well known now) Polish manufacturer of guitar systems and effects. After a few years of hard and involved work I was managing the whole brand. Almost ten years of experiences convinced me that I am ready to make my next dreams come true. At the end of 2016 I founded JTJ Audio.

The first guitar gear project is called MATCHES – the modular pedalboard system. This solution changes the way of thinking about pedalboards. It brings total freedom and flexibility for musicians. Many ideas are waiting for realization and will come out soon. High quality products with professional support is something I did till now and I will be doing still for sure.

All the best !

Jakub Jakubowski

JTJ Audio founder