Pedalboard 56

pedalboard for 14-16 standard size stompboxes

Size: 56cm x 32.6cm x 8cm (LxWxH)

Product Description

Pedalboard 56 is built from three BRIDGES 1 and different Matches modules.
All modules are compatible and let to build different sizes of boards.
It is possible to modify the unit to different sizes and weight with different MATCHES modules.

cm 56 x 32.6 x 8,5 (3,5) – Width, Depth, Height (Height lower end)
inches 22 5/100   x   12 83/100     x     3 35/100 (1 38/100) – – Width, Depth, Height (Height lower end)

Pedalboard 56 starts even from 1,68 kg  /  3,70 lbs
The unit from the picture with ‘Double’ matches weight 2,53 kg  /   5,57 lbs

Pedalboard is available also with Bag and Velcro 3M Dual Lock set.
Special designed harder but light case is also available on request.



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